Henry Molé and James Dejoy returned home from the war in 1936. They found the perfect parcel of land to build on, and started the grocery store, called Emendy’s. Emendy’s was the biggest grocery store in the Jamestown area at that time. 873 east second street its new home. Its central location made it a very successful business.

Henry had a dream of owning a furniture and appliance store, and in the fifties The Henry James Furniture & Appliance store became a reality. The Henry James carried all the brand names. One corner of the store had a very few flooring samples on display Mohawk and Kane carpet.

Henry and his wife Frances ran this store together for many years until they became sick. Enter in their only son, Paul Molé.  Years went by, and by the late 1960’s Paul took over the store that his family had built up.


Paul Molé, aka The Big Chief, takes over! Paul had a different passion, by the late 1970’s he had repurposed the store again. Carpet was everywhere including the walls of the store. He became known lovingly as The Big Chief around Jamestown.  His motto was, “It’s like having an uncle in the business.” With his wife at his side Ruth Molé, aka The Little Squaw, they grew the business even further.

On September 7, 2002, Paul C. “The Big Chief” Molé, passed away, unexpectedly. Ruth, his wife, and their daughter Sue were left alone to carry on business. Ruth then retired in 2004 and Sue stepped into the driver’s seat. Sue ran the business alone until 2008, when her son Matthew came into the business. Sue and Matthew run the business together to this day.

The ownership of the store was passed on to Matthew in 2016, making Matthew the fourth generation of this continuous family business. Matthew also has another passion besides the floor covering business. He plans on growing his real estate business to diversify and insure longevity for the next 80 years.


Where did this nickname come from?

The legend of The Big Chief. Ruth his wife takes credit for coming up with this name. Just ask her. One of The Chief’s oldest friends an old radio advertising executive says he came up with it. Regardless of who came up with it the nickname, The Chief ran with it! Paul could be seen on cable TV and around town dressed in his authentic native American headdress on a regular basis.


“It’s like having an uncle in the business.”

The Henry James specializes in the following areas:


  • We always used to shop around the whole area for carpeting, but would always end up at Henry James. We don't bother with the shopping around any more - we just go straight to the best place! They treat you like a friend too - not just another customer!

    Sue Radspinner Fairbanks
  • We shopped around for carpet and got several quotes. Henry James was able to give us the best price by far. They were friendly and knowledgeable in the showroom, and the guys who came today to do the installation were polite, fast, and did an amazing job. Very satisfied.

    Lori-Anne Williams Schmeltz
  • I went there not knowing what i wanted, but when i told Sue what room it was and showed her the paint color she picked out the perfect carpet in a few minutes! Matt was very helpful and and he even came to my house to measure my floor. Megan collected payment and was very nice. The price was very reasonable. Installation was so easy. He called me to let me know when he would be at my house. It was great working with them. I will definitely be buying all my carpet from them!

    Chris Moore


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